Lisa Kay has always felt that there was more to life than the plane on which we live, go to work, and fall in love.  She feels that we are all wired for more, whether one calls it psychic or intuitive ability, we all have within ourselves a deep connection to the universe. 

Devoted to her work and dedicated to sharing the wisdom that she has acquired along her journey; Lisa’s primary desire is to help foster the physical-spiritual connection and to facilitate personal growth.

"Lisa Kay is an extraordinary package. She is a gifted intuitive fully grounded and centered in integrity. Lisa understands the power of words and delivers her messages thoughtfully and responsibly. While the goal of her work is to provide guidance, she doesn't spoon-feed the answers. Rather, Lisa encourages her clients to walk through the open door of her messages to find their own understanding. I greatly admire her heartfelt efforts to help others and endorse her work, which is rooted in consummate professionalism."
- Abigail Brenner MD, Author of Shift: How To Deal When Life Changes

"Lisa works from her heart. I've watched as she has turned skeptics into believers, and her accuracy and ability to convey healing messages from the spirit world is truly moving. She is one of the best."
- Tammy Mastroberte, founder, publisher and editorial director of Elevated Existence Magazine.

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